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As an experimental fabricator and exhibition producer my areas of special interests include art as it intersects with memory, storytelling, and my own cultural identity. Or to summarize my practice: I am an interdisciplinary artist who creates exploratory, often site-specific, sculptures, (sound) installations and performances. As a ‘concealed curator’ I aim to allow the art works and artists who I collaborate with to speak for themselves.
I work with a range of found objects and industrial materials. Personal experiences are mixed with academic propositions. A central motif is making invisible processes visible. This is the foundation for creative work which examines philosophical and psychological issues of human identity and migratory journeys. Who are we? Where have we come from? Where are we going to? I think about borders, boundaries and prejudices. 
New (sound) sculpture series:
Flattish Nose
Current projects:
#performative sculpture making: collaborations between musicians and visual art
#investigational photography: exploring spaces in between photography, memory and sculpture 
# producing womxn arts projects: empowering early and mid-career womxn artists by offering free inclusion, support and advice
Past projects:
# Toren/series, Kokon/series and Immure/series: historical texts and geo-politics brought into the now; adapted to be visualized and seen through current points of view about communications and societal relationships



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